Ready to Skyrocket your Intuition & Manifesting?

AND have a weekly mentor, all the lessons you need, and bonuses to help you get there? YES!? I'm so excited to connect with you!







Ends Jan 14! 

If all the above sounds awesome to you, then I want to invite you to join....

The Intuition, Energy & Spirit Mentorship Program.

Get WEEKLY LIVE VIDEO group mentorship sessions with me for a year! Ask me all your questions about Intuition, Spirit & Energy.

..inside our private Mentorship group.

PLUS online programs, meditations, and more! See below:

Each week, I will be going live to answer your questions about all things Intuition to help you understand the Intuitive messages you receive from your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit.


When we are aligned with our Intuition, we align with our Spiritual path.


Ask your question(s) prior to our Facebook live video Q&A call to make sure it gets answered!


If you can't attend live, no problem! All Q&A videos are recorded in our FB group!


No one, but members inside our closed door private FB group, can see what you post!

Not only will you receive weekly live Q&A video sessions in this program, but you also get:

   The full 4 Intuitive Languages Course. ( 20+ Training videos to watch at your leisure!)

➤  4 Meditations

   Chakra Mini Course

   Past Life Journey Experience

   4 LIVE video ZOOM calls/lessons to stay on top of your manifesting goals!

My goal is to get you connected to your Intuition in a fast, effective, and safe manner that you understand.


I know that your time & money are valuable...

.... and you shouldn’t have to spend years trying to connect with your Intuition or searching everywhere to try to find the answers. The truth is that new Intuitive doors can open up VERY fast. You can be connected to Spirit VERY fast. You can manifest VERY fast.

When you are aligned with your Intuition, you become more aware of the opportunities and steps you need to take to align with your Spiritual Path....which means manifesting your goals, dreams, and opportunities with Spirit!

Shifts and positive changes in career, health, relationships, and clear communication with your Spirit Helpers (including your Loved Ones in Spirit) starting happening.

Are You Ready to......

➤ Remove blockages holding you back?

➤ Save time & energy on decisions?

➤ Understand the messages your Intuitively receive so you can take the next steps on your path with confidence... and to manifest?

➤ TRUST the next steps and feel supported along the way?

➤ Be SOOOO connected, you feel the confidence within you RISE UP to start your own business, take the new job, attract the right relationships in your life, and feel your energy & Spirit become lighter?

.......All the while being connected to your Intuition & Spirit Guides?

If you answered YES, then I'm SOOOO excited to work with you!

If you still need more info, keep scrolling!





($4,194 Value):

➤ Weekly interactive group LIVE VIDEO Q&A mentorship sessions with Whitney inside the private FB group, to help mentor & guide you in your own Intuitive abilities. Ask all your questions & have them answered personally!

($1997 Value)

   The 4 Intuitive Languages Course. 20+ Training videos to to watch at your leisure.

($1500 Value)

➤  4 Meditations to cleanse, lighten & strengthen your energy AND meet your Spirit Guides

($50 Value)

   Chakra Mini Course - Bonus Course with downloadable info sheets!

($150 Value)

   Private FB group of like-minded supportive Intuitives, just like you! (This is sooo important!)

($497 Value)

PLUS you get the extra special bonuses below, but you have to sign up before enrollment doors close on this special offer!

Doors close end of day, Monday, Jan 14!



($1,205 Value):

   4 Live group video calls on Zoom to make sure you are obtaining your Manifesting Goals! Some of you might get called into the "Hot Seat!" Trust me, that's a good thing! Video Calls include lessons & Q&A. *March 9, June 1, Sept 7, Dec 7. Time TBA

($888 Value)

   Past Life Journey Experience - 90 minute deep journeying to clear obstacles!

($297 Value)

   Manifesting Meditation - to get your energy back into alignment and shift into Manifesting! (To be released.)

($20 Value)

In total, this is a $5,399 Value!

What They Say

Owner of Wise Elephant Wellness

I always knew I was intuitive, picked up on people's feelings and just knew things sometimes but I never understood it or knew how to honor intuition's role in my life. Once I started taking your course, I began to understand  my intuitive gifts more and how to start to develop them so that I was fully utilizing what I now consider one of my gifts from God.

It has been amazing to have you to guide me on my path. Your guidance keep me learning, and growing in positive direction. Whenever I had questions, I could always rely on you for support and that meant the world to me.

Where I am now since developing my Intuition: I left my job and started my own business "Wise Elephant Wellness" that seeks to help people find optimal wellness by connecting their mind, body and spirit. I do intuitive readings with clients during which I connect with spirit guides and departed loved ones to share messages. I also teach Hypnobirthing and Hypnomothering classes to expectant and new parents, encouraging them to connect with and honor their ow intuition as they begin their parenting journey. I am on my own journey to enlightenment and understanding and I am so grateful to be on this never-ending, always exciting path!

12 month Payment Plan



and then 11 monthly installments of $49 to follow

Lifetime access to The 4 Intuitive Languages course + FB group

Weekly Q&A group calls with Whitney inside the private FB group for up to a year.

All the bonuses when you sign up before 11:59pm pacific, Jan 14!

(Lifetime = lifetime of the program)


SAVE $91



One time payment (Save $91)

Lifetime access to The 4 Intuitive Languages course + FB group

Weekly Q&A group calls with Whitney inside the private FB group for up to a year.

All the bonuses when you sign up before 11:59pm pacific, Jan 14!

(Lifetime = lifetime of the program)






You get 6 CORE MODULES and extra handy cheat sheets  and downloads that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve real connections & Intuitive conversations with your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit.


…there is no set time you need to show up to learn. You can watch it anytime! Each Module is unlocked weekly to help you understand each lesson before moving onto the other, but you can learn as you go, and set your own pace.

Here's all the Modules inside the 4 Intuitive Languages program:



Lesson 01: Intuition & Spirit Guides

You’ll understand the difference between Intuition, Psychic, and Mediumship. We’ll demystify who you are actually talking to in Spirit, and what the difference is between Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit, and Angels.


Lesson 02: Spirit Guide Roles

All about Spirit Guides: This lesson is all things Spirit Guides. You will uncover: who they are, what they do, what roles they have, how many you have, and how you get them. There are different types of Guides, and you will start to learn HOW to communicate with them.


Lesson 01 : Your Energetic make-up

You’ll will learn all about YOUR Energy system, including the layers and different layers (Aura & Mind), as well as other components. We use certain chakras for Intuition! We’ll talk about WHY the Mind is outside the body and what “your vibration” really means and entails.


Lesson 02: Barriers to Receiving Messages

All about Spirit Guides: Here’s the deeper work. You will identify if you have any barriers blocking you from receiving Intuitive messages. The great thing, is that you will learn techniques to remove them. In this lesson, we also discover Astral travel and the different types


Lesson 01 : Communicating with Spirit

Prepare to receive Spirit messages! Incoming…. What’s does that mean? We cover that with step by step instruction, a “cheat sheet” for you to download, and establish clear boundaries.  If you aren’t familiar with affirmations, you will learn about them here! It comes with an affirmation creation sheet, too.


Lesson 02: Clearing the Mind

Finally, a quick way to clear your mind without spending hours meditating. This lesson covers different methods, IN DETAIL, to clear the mind depending on your Intuitive type.


There are so many different ways to experience Spirit communication through our Intuition. I detail out how each Intuitive type receives Spirit messages and delve into the strengths, hangups, and ways to balance. Lesson 5 talks about some Intuitive languages not widely known. You can have one, all, or a mixture of these abilities.

Lesson 01 : The Seer - Clairvoyance

Lesson 02: The Owl - Clairaudience

Lesson 03: The Empath - Clairsentience

Lesson 04: The Channeler - Claircognizance

Lesson 05: The Icing - Clairalience & Clairgustance


Putting your lessons into action and experience Spirit communication through your Intuition. This module is where you understand the messages they send. These are real world, easy to implement exercises in your daily life.

Lesson 01 : Let your Intuition Flow!

It’s time to put it all together! You learn how it looks and feels to talk with Spirit. You might not quite understand all the meanings of what Spirit says yet, but that’s ok. Don’t worry about it. You will be talking to Spirit in the flow!

Lesson 02: Find Meaning in the Flow

Here is where you start understanding the meaning in what Spirit shares with you. I cover how to find the meaning in the symbols, feelings, sounds, and knowings you get.

Lesson 03: Coaching you through the Conversation

It is helpful to watch me coach someone through their Intuitive conversation with Spirit. It’s a great perspective of how the process works.

Lesson 04: Spirit Circle (Night time Exercise)

This exercise helps you establish a better relationship with your Spirit Guides.

The main goal of this exercise is to increase Intuitive sensitivity in your Etheric body.

If you would like to develop any of the Intuitive languages, this is the place to do it!

Lesson 05: Oracle Cards (BONUS LESSON)

Sometimes it is nice to have a physical, tangible representation of what Spirit is communicating to you. You can connect your Intuition to any type of oracle cards you would like to use.


This Module is all about refining your skills! It includes more exercises to connect, protect, and enhance your Intuition.

Lesson 06: Boundary Check

Find out where your energy begins & ends. Are you letting someone else have too much space in your energy? Time to clear that up!

Lesson 07: Aura Bubble

Feeling drained and tired? It might be your lack of energetic protection. Givers tend to just allow any ol’ person into their energy.  Push out your energy so only the good vibes come in!

Lesson 08: Energy Cleansing

We shower and clean our houses on a regular basis, so why not our energy? Most of the time we are never taught how to. Learn several techniques to clear your energy, Mind, and aura.

Lesson 09: Validation of your Intuition - Partner Exercise

Okay okay, this is TECHNICALLY a Mediumship exercise, BUT I think it is important for you to get some validation with a partner. You don’t have to do this exercise, but I highly encourage it!


Lesson 10: Seeing Auras

This is a big one. Almost every student I come into contact has a desire to be able to see energy. Watch the video to see the technique I use, and apply it with a partner at home!

Lesson 11: Your Body & Intuition

Do you know what a pendulum is? You can use your body as one. Bodies are made of energy, and can work with your Intuition in regards to “yes” and “no” questions.

Lesson 12: Automatic & Inspirational Writing (BONUS LESSON)

These are two big topics chunked down into simple instructions. Spirit communicates with us through automatic writing. Some of the most beautiful poems are created through inspirational writing. Grab a pencil & paper, and get ready to write!

In total, this is a $5,399 Value with your bonus package!  YOU GET:

➤   Weekly group LIVE VIDEO Q&A sessions with Whitney inside the private FB group, to help mentor & guide you in your own Intuitive abilities. Ask all your questions & have them answered personally! ($1997 Value)

   The 4 Intuitive Languages Course Lifetime Access ( 20+ Videos) ($1500 Value)

➤  4 Meditations ($50 Value)

   Chakra Mini Course ($150 Value)

   Private FB group of like-minded supportive Intuitives, just like you! (This is sooo important!) ($497 Value)


➤   4 LIVE video group Zoom calls throughout the year to support you in your manifesting goals! ($888 Value)

➤ Past Life Journey Experience ($297 Value) 

➤ Manifesting Meditation ($20 Value) 


What They Say

Author of “Left Behind to Pick Up the Remote,” Life Coach @inspirationwithJune 

When I started, I felt that I didn’t have an intuitive bone in my body, but was soon pleasantly surprised. By the end of my training, I was able to deliver the most powerful message to one of my friends. After talking with my Guides, I clearly saw the words, “Comfort Allen, Uncle Markus”. I couldn’t wait to talk to my friend. As it turns out, my friend Allen had been very distraught over his uncle’s passing. He could not thank me enough for calling, which greatly helped with his grief.

Whitney’s teaching style is easy to understand and to follow. You will move quickly from start to finish, but you MUST be willing to stay with it daily and follow her instructions to have success. If you do, you will be more than pleasantly surprised at your results!


Choose your preferred option below:




and then 11 monthly installments of $49 to follow


SAVE $91



One time payment (Save $91)


I get it.

You are short on time, and you don't want to waste your money.

So... I've created this course FOR YOU.



The courses included in this program are 100% online, which means CONVENIENCE.  You learn at your own schedule! The modules in the 4 Intuitive Languages program are unlocked week by week to help you through the lessons step-by-step. You can show up LIVE in the FB group for the Q&A sessions, or just watch them later at your own convenience. They are recorded!


I totally get that! I wasted SO much money ordering CDs, meditations, taking classes, and trying to piece them all together to learn who Spirit Guides were, how to connect to my Intuitive side, and what my messages really meant BUT.. I didn't have anyone to answer my questions, so I just gave up. It wasn't until years later I finally found a mentor to guide me.

In this program, I've put everything you need to develop your Intuition in ONE PLACE! Plus, you've got me for at least a year to ask me a zillion questions if you want to! (I did.)


It's time to step up your game! You've got to take care of yourself FIRST, in order for all other things to fall into place. That means, you have to claim your space, invest in yourself, in order to take care of others and/or shift into the next level of manifesting! 


Who is this program for? 

Those who are ready to up-level their life by following their Intuition.

Those who are tired for trying a million different techniques, and just want ONE place for everything they need in regards to their Intuition development, Spirit Guides, and how to lighten their energy.

Those who want to stay connected and have community support for their manifesting & Intuitive goals!

Those who want to create a stronger connection with their Spirit Helpers and be in the flow of Universal energy.

Those who are ready to create positive change in their life. (Heck yeah!)

Those who are ready to do the shifting it takes to get there!

This program is also for you....

If you can put a positive, green “check mark” next to any of  the points below, then I’d say you’re perfectly qualified to jump into the Mentorship program and get the most out of it:

  • ✅   You know nothing about Intuition, aren’t sure if you are Intuitive, but have a deep desire to connect to Spirit.
  • ✅   You already know you are an Intuitive / Psychic / Medium sensitive, but have a hard time controlling your abilities. Maybe you don’t call it Intuition, but you are super sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings and need to harness it. 
  • ✅   You’ve tried it all, (meditations, CDs, classes), and have gotten some results, but are looking to refine your skills and become more effective and efficient in getting your results.
  • ✅   You’ve had a big life change, and have a desire to know more about how all of this stuff works.
  • ✅   You really want to connect with a Loved One in Spirit and are willing to talk with your other Spirit helpers, too.
  • ✅   You are ready to do what it takes to get the results you want. You are committed to doing the exercises on a regular basis. If you can’t start until a month from now, that’s fine. But you know when you start, you are going on an Intuitive journey and no looking back!
  • ✅   You really want to learn how to clear your mind. You feel yourself thinking thinking thinking.. And get stuck in the hamster wheel of thought.
  • This program is for anyone ready to develop their Intuitive skills, and/or enhance and refine their Intuitive skills already present. Anyone can do this as long as they have the desire and commitment to do the exercises. This program lasts 12 months. You choose how much you want to participate.

    This program is NOT for you if....

    You don't want to put in the time & consistency.

  • You don't value yourself or aren't willing to put yourself, your Intuition & Spirit as a priority.
  • You are super uncomfortable with the term "Spirit Guides." We welcome you, but if you just can't get past that term, this is probably NOT the program for you.
  • You are unwilling to be vulnerable, toss fear aside, and do the exercises to get your energy aligned.
  • Want a quick fix to a problem.
  • Expect to have one on one sessions with Whitney as part of the program. (You CAN upgrade for the VIP package at check out though!)
  • This program is NOT for those wanting to utilize the Q&A time for readings. Whitney won't be giving readings during that time. This program is designed to help mentor you in your own Intuitive abilities.


Click on the question to read full answer

The conversation is guided by the group! Whitney shows up to answer every person's question. There is no designated topic. The LIVE calls are not for readings, but to answer your questions as you develop your Intuitive skills.

Whitney will teach lessons about manifesting and keep everyone on track with our manifesting goals in 2019! Some students may be randomly chosen to go into the "hot seat" if you need extra help!

We will meet March 9, June 1, Sept 7, Dec 7 on Zoom. Details & times will come to you prior to our first meeting.

If you want to take advantage of the weekly LIVE video Q&A sessions with Whitney, you will need to join the group. You don’t have to join the FB group, but you are encouraged to do so if you want to connect to a like minded community or get your questions personally answered by Whitney. The FB group is private. No one but the people enrolled in the course will be able to see what you share or post. You can make a profile just to be in the group, if you don’t already have an active FB account. If choose not to join the FB group, you will not have access to Whitney weekly in the LIVE calls, but will have all the meditations, Intuitive Languages Course, Chakra Mini Course, and your Past Life Journey experience.

Whitney will be showing up weekly in her FB LIVE Q&A sessions through the exclusive, closed door private FB group for the 4 Intuitive Languages. She will also be popping in from time to answer questions.

Unless you've upgraded to the VIP package, you will not be getting one on one time with her, but each student has a chance to ask questions and Whitney will personally answer them on the calls. Whitney is not able to answer questions by email or phone.

This means you have lifetime access to the lessons & meditations in the program which means: the lifetime of the program. If/when the program ends, you will have the option to download all of the material so that it's yours forever. The program will last at least 12 months from your enrollment date.

There is an optional VIP upgrade at check-out, if you would like to purchase individual sessions with Whitney. You can also reach out to: [email protected] to find out what packages are available for one-on-one mentorship along with this program.

Yes anyone can connect to Spirit, and nope, there is no special ability or super power to do so. All you need is:


1) A desire to connect to Spirit

2) Willingness to leave your Ego at the door and

3) Do the exercises consistently.


Some people may find it easier or more natural to connect with others, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

No. I teach a safe, effective system where you don’t need to focus on the fear. Developing your Intuition will make you more aware of what is already around you, but your Spirit Guides will make sure to clear anything that was funky, out of the mix.

Each student is on their own path, and will have their own time commitment. Those that put a lot of time and effort into the program, will receive the best results.

We recommend to put at least 1-2 hours per week on watching the lessons and making time per week to implement the exercises. However, if you have 5 minutes, do 5 minutes! It only takes 5 minutes to talk with your Guides.

Not at all! You will be learning everything you need to know in the course.

If you decide that this program isn't for you within 24 hours of enrolling, you can get a full refund as long as you haven't downloaded any of the courses, meditations, bonuses, etc.

Nope, this is not a subscription service. This is a group mentorship package that includes a lot of bonuses! If you are on the payment plan, you do not have the option to cancel. The price is $49 for 12 months or $497 on time payment. The program is at least for 12 months.

What They Say


"My spiritual abilities have seemed to skyrocket since taking this course and applying the skills." ~ R.T. , AZ

Payment Plan



and then 11 monthly installments of $49 to follow

Lifetime access to all the Modules & the Bonus trainings listed.

Lifetime weekly Q&A calls with Whitney inside the private FB group.

(Lifetime = lifetime of the program)


SAVE $91



One time payment (Save $91)

Lifetime access to all the Modules & the Bonus trainings listed.

Lifetime weekly Q&A calls with Whitney inside the private FB group.

(Lifetime = lifetime of the program)


Intuition, Energy & Spirit Program + Your Special Bonus Package =  $5,399 Value!  YOU GET:

➤   Weekly group LIVE VIDEO Q&A sessions with Whitney inside the private FB group, to help mentor & guide you in your own Intuitive abilities. Ask all your questions & have them answered personally! ($1997 Value)

   The 4 Intuitive Languages Course. ( 6 Modules) ($1500 Value)

➤  4 Meditations ($50 Value)

   Chakra Mini Course ($150 Value)

   Private FB group of like-minded supportive Intuitives, just like you! (This is sooo important!) ($497 Value)





4 LIVE Zoom group mentoring calls with Whitney. These are scheduled throughout the year to help you stay on top of your manifesting goals! Some students might be randomly chosen to go into the "hot seat!" $888


 Your Past Life Journey - Experience a journey to remove old batters, beliefs, and obstacles holding you back from manifesting & connecting with Spirit. This is just like being in a private past life session with Whitney, but in the comfort of your own home to go at your own pace. This is a 90 minute pre-recorded guided past life experience. Value - $297


Manifesting Meditation - Shift your energy into manifesting! This is a great meditation to help you get centered and back into the flow!

Value - $20


Since the goal of this course is for you to effectively and confidently connect to your Intuition & Spirit Helpers, every moment spent on the sidelines is another moment spent...

Still playing it small and be stuck in the same patterns you've been for years.

➤ Wasting time & money trying to piece everything together yourself,

➤  Wondering if you really have what it takes to connect to Spirit & Intuition, and your big dreams..

   Waiting to see if it will happen on its own, but being scared of how it will happen,

 Not putting yourself or your Intuition first because you think you have more important things to do... When in fact Intuition is the MOST VALUABLE ASSET YOU HAVE. It takes 5 minutes to connect.

When you take time to align with your Intuition, you save so much time, as everything else seems to just fall into place. 

I am your coach. I can give you a little tough love from time to time.

After the first couple lessons some of my students get in self-doubt mode or let their fear or Ego take control.

I don’t want you to run away from your abilities like I did.

I will be there to coach you through it in our group mentorship sessions..

I’m looking for those ready and willing to take the plunge with me, to work through whatever stuff comes up as they clear out their energy and become lighter to receive... so they can get results!

So, I do have a strict refund policy, and I’m not trying to hide it.

If,  within 24 hours of purchasing, the full version of the 4 Intuitive Languages you feel like “oops, I shouldn’t have done that,” then you can get a full refund, as long as you didn’t download any of the material.

I hold you ve gotta do the work.

You can see more at:

If you are ready to commit to yourself, to your Intuition, and your Spirit Guides...

Then I want to reward your commitment to developing your Intuition and communicating with Spirit to manifest, 
with the most COMPLETE group mentorship program available.


And now I’m excited to give you access to the training that I know without-a-doubt will expand your Intuitive abilities, fuel your spiritual growth, and take your Intuition AND Manifesting to the next level.  

You already KNOW (and HAVE known) that you are Intuitive, but maybe you’ve stuffed it in a box somewhere or put it on the back burner. 

NOW is the time to get it back into the forefront, honor yourself, and take action, with a complete program leading you every step of the way.

There really hasn’t been a better time to give it a shot.

Get started RIGHT NOW by choosing the plan that works best for you.

What They Say

Before starting Whitney's Intuitive development program, I had no idea what it all meant. After the program, I was able to give detailed Spirit messages to others like receiving messages about their upcoming pregnancy, specific herbs growing in their garden, a scar they had on their forearm, and their Loved Ones in Spirit. Totally unexpected.

- Beth-Anne

Payment Plan



and then 11 monthly installments of $49 to follow

Lifetime access to The 4 Intuitive Languages course + FB group

Weekly Q&A group calls with Whitney inside the private FB group for up to a year.

All the bonuses when you sign up before 11:59pm pacific, Jan 14!

Lifetime = lifetime of the program)


SAVE $91



One time payment (Save $91)

Lifetime access to The 4 Intuitive Languages course + FB group

Weekly Q&A group calls with Whitney inside the private FB group for up to a year.

All the bonuses when you sign up before 11:59pm pacific, Jan 14!

(Lifetime = lifetime of the program)



If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us. 




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