Open, Receive & Trust
Your Intuition & Spirit Messages

 May 21-23, 2024

with Michelle Leigh, Brenda Grasjo, Chandra Arrington,
and your host, Whitney McNeill

In This 3 Day Series



Clear Your Chakras with Michelle Leigh

Michelle will be guiding us all through a journey to help clear our own chakras and energy. When we are able to clear our chakras, we are in a better place to receive!


Open To Receive Messages From Your
Intuition & Spirit Guides with Brenda Grasjo

On Day 2, Brenda Grasjo will share her process to open and receive spirit messages and share stories of receiving Spirit messages.


How To Trust The Messages That You Receive
with Chandra Arrington

Chandra will be sharing her process or how to trust the messages that she receives from her Spirit Guides (and the Guides of her clients!)

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Whether you've been struggling to receive your Intuitive messages, or you are just getting started on your Spiritual path, NOW is the time to commit to making your Spirit Guides & Intuition a priority

With the chaotic energy of the world around us, it's so important to receive clear guidance from your intuition and your Spirit Guide team so you know that you are on your right path.

But how do we know that what we're getting is real?

In this 3 day series, guest experts will share their gifts to help you have more confidence in receiving and trusting your messages.



This Free Video Series is FOR YOU IF:

  • You’re excited about tapping into your Intuition to receive messages from your Spirit Guides.
  • You need some extra help resetting your energy to receive clear messages from your Spirit Guides and intuiton.
  • You want a better process to connect with your intuition and Spirit guidance.
  • You want to make sure you're hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing your Spirit Guides correctly.
  • This class is for you no matter if you are a beginner or advanced in talking to your Guides!

This Video Series is NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You're uncomfortable with “woo woo” types of things. we will  will be talking about Spirit Guides, Intuition, and the Spirit realm.
  • You're offended if a four letter word flies out of our mouths during our sessions. We're keeping it real, authentic, and showing up completely as ourselves.
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Guest Experts In This Series...

Michelle Leigh is an Intuitive Reader & Reiki & Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner.

 When I was younger, I often had a knowing of how best to share messages about personal situations with strangers, friends or family.  I just thought this was my passion and love for Psychology.  Little did I know that I was reading their energy and was intuitive! It wasn’t until I started on my own spiritual path and developed my intuitive abilities with proper boundaries that I understood!

Brenda Grasjo is a Registered Medium, Reiki Master & Oracle Reader.

I grew up sensing and seeing things that cannot be explained. But, it wasn’t until 2005 that I asked myself, “Why am I here, what is my purpose in life?” Thus began my journey of overcoming my fear of “seeing” Spirit again.

Brenda is a Registered Medium with M.I.N.D. and a co-founder of a Spiritualist Church, The Path. 

Chandra Arrington is a Chaneler, Psychic & Oracle Card Reader.

Chandra is a recovering, people-pleasing protestant and ex-corporate middle management devotee. After the loss of a soulmate, she embarked on a spiritual revolution. Through intuitive development and a strong belief in connection and oneness, she is creating a new life purpose.

She makes it her mission to spread a sense of community and belonging for like-minded spiritual, empathic, and highly sensitive people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a recorded video series so you don't have to be anywhere live and can watch at your own leisure until they expire!

Michelle's session becomes available May 21. Brenda's session becomes available May 22. Chandra's session becomes available May 23!

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Just sign up through one of the buttons on the page and we will send you an email when the series is available! You will be able to watch this online when they are ready!

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