3 Part FREE Video Series

Align To Manifest Series

so you can...

raise your vibration, manifest your aligned life, and strengthen the connection to your intuition and life purpose.

Shift Your Vibe, Shift Your Life


In This 3 Part Video Training



Release Blocks 

to your intuition, manifesting, abundance, and purpose.


Shift Into Your Purpose with Your Higher Self

so that you can move leaps and bounds in alignment with your path.



Stop Repeating The Same Cycle

Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns? I'll explain WHY and show you how to move into the next phase for forward momentum.


4 Pillars To Raise Your Vibration

I'll share the 4 pillars in your life to strenthen so you can have a rock solid foundation with your intuition & Spirit Guide connection, manifesting, abundance, and purpose.



This 3 Part Series is FOR YOU IF:

  • You've had *some* experience in connecting to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides & Intuition or at least dabbled in it :) You're ready to up-level your intuitive skills.
  • You're ready to up-level your energy and manifest your next level goals.
  • You've manifested before, but you're ready for results in alignment with your purpose and path.
  • You're ready for your Spirit Guides to create abundant opportunities for you, whether it be relationships, career opps, moving, etc.

This Challenge is NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You're uncomfortable with “woo woo” types of things. I will be talking about Spirit Guides, Intuition, etc.
  • You're NOT willing to do the work you need to do to get yourself to the next level.
  • You're offended if a four letter word flies out of my mouth during the videos. I'm real, authentic, and showing up completely as myself.

"When we are in alignment, we are in flow with our intuition, purpose, and Spirit Guides."

When I started living my life in alignment and listening to my intuition, I..

  • Quit my job and started my own spiritual business by following my intuition & Spirit Guides. I manifested aligned clients.
  • I moved to Sedona based off my intuition (Even when it felt super uncomfortable and I didn't have a "plan.")
  • Found my spiritual partner & husband, Chris. (When I wasn't looking for anyone.)
  • Stepped through the open doors to be a Certified Medium, articles in OM Times, speaker in Lily Dale, NY, my own radio show and so much more.


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