Elevate Your Intuition, Abundance & Purpose

Guided, channeled, energy-infused meditations to shift your energy for more intuitive messages from your Guides, attract aligned career opportunities and relationships, open to spiritual & financial abundance, and clear blocks preventing you from moving to your next level of purpose.

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"WOW! This meditation is so powerful and so enlightening! It’s truly incredible. Thank you for this beautiful gift! I highly encourage everyone to take time for yourself and to do this meditation. #puregold "


I'm going to let you in on a little secret


I meditate while falling asleep ON PURPOSE.

Yep, it still works because your body and energy are doing what it needs to do to be in the most receptive state possible.

So if you're worried about NOT being able to meditate, I've got you covered.

What's included?

18 Guided, Channeled, Energy-Infused Meditations designed specifically to clear your blocks and elevate your energy to align your intuition, abundance, and life purpose.

Here's a Sneak Peek of what's inside:

Let's increase your trust in your intuition and Spirit Guides.

Time to open your clairvoyance!

Increase the connection between your body and intuition.

Shift your energy to increase your intuition and abundance.

Use this meditation to help you identify and be aware of the signs your Spirit Guides send you, so you can make intuitively aligned decisions.

Feeling blocked? Want to live your life purpose FULLY? This meditation is for you.

Let's magnetize your money, energy, and manifestation.

Clear out old limiting blocks or beliefs and open to receive more.

Ready to raise your vibration? This meditation can help you get to the next level of your intentions, intuition, abundance, and purpose.

Stop hiding your dreams and fully step into them so you can live your dream life.

What's holding you back from your purpose, intuition, and abundance? Time to break them so you can start a new cycle.

Claim your abundance NOW in this meditation.


Meditate To Elevate Spirit Meditation Library

20 Guided, Channeled, Energy-Infused Meditations for Elevating Your Intuition, Abundance & Alignment to Purpose = $222 Value

"I just listened to the abundance meditation, and had such a positive experience! The image of water as a symbol for feelings about abundance was so powerful."


You'll have one easy place to access all 20 meditations to elevate your intuition, abundance, and alignment to purpose.



I've channeled each meditation from my Spirit Guides and infused them with Reiki. So if you would like to receive Reiki, before you meditate, just set an intention to receive.

Reiki will flow through to you and assist you with the intention of the meditation.

Each meditation is a guided meditation with beautiful background music, professionally edited.

On average, they are about 20 minutes long each (give or take.)


Yes! I want to elevate my intuition, abundance & purpose!

If we haven’t met at a crystal shop in Sedona before…

Hey, I’m Whitney— spiritual teacher and Certified Medium.


Ooof — making time to connect to your intuition and Spirit Guides can seem so daunting, when in fact when you DO connect to your intuition, you can open up for so much more abundance in your world! 

Each meditation is about 20 minutes (give or take) and you can listen to them as you fall asleep or in your regular meditation practice.

The energy is infused in these meditations and are still very present whether you're asleep or not.

You don't have to be a meditation pro for these to work. Consistency is key to shift your energy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately after purchase, you'll get an email with your login info. You'll have one easy place to find all your meditations in this library and you can access it through your mobile device or computer.

YES - meditation will still work if you're asleep.

The energy that's channeled in these meditations will work no matter if you fall asleep or not. Your body and energy will do what it needs to do to be in the best receptive state.

You don't have to be a meditation pro to utilize these meditations. Just pop your ear buds in and listen as you fall asleep, or in your meditation practice.

On average, the meditations are about 20 minutes long. Each meditation has it's own length, and some are shorter than 20 minutes, while some are longer.

All meditations are given to you immediately upon purchase. There are no refunds for any reason. 

Great question! Nope, you don't need any prior training. Just pop your ear buds in, turn your meditation on, and listen to them as you wish. 

There's really no wrong way to meditate except when doing activities that would be dangerous if you lost your focus. (driving, lifting heavy objects, etc.)

  • Expanding Your Intuition & Trust In Your Spirit Guides
  • The Seer - Increasing Your Clairvoyance
  • The Channeler - Intuitive Messages Through The Body
  • Finding Your Spirit Signs
  • Discovering Your Intuitive Specialty
  • Living An Intuitively Aligned Life
  • Increase Your Intuition & Abundance
  • Clearing Your Money Blocks
  • Release & Let Go
  • Receiving
  • Magnetizing Your Money & Manifestation
  • Harvesting Your Abundance
  • Breakthrough Your Blocks
  • Creating Freedom
  • Stepping Into Your Dreams
  • Empowered & Being Seen
  • Living Your Purpose By Design
  • Tapping Into Your Next Level
  • & more!

Yes! While the Meditate to Elevate Meditation Library is a separate product - all of the meditations are included in Aligned.

The main difference is once you purchase the Meditate To Elevate Library, you have continual access to these meditations. In Aligned, you need to be  a current member to have continual access to your content.

"I really like this meditation. Your voice is soothing. Thank you."


Meditate To Elevate Spirit Meditation Library

20 Guided, Channeled, Energy-Infused Meditations for Elevating Your Intuition, Abundance & Alignment to Purpose = $222 Value

A Final Note From Whitney

 I encourage you to begin setting aside the intentions to hone your intuition.

Take it from me and learn from my mistakes: The more I ignored my self-care and the signs from my Spirit Guides on following my life’s purpose, the more I became out of alignment. Instead of attracting the right opportunities, I was attracting the wrong ones. I needed tools to help me elevate my vibration to what I was manifesting.

I know you’re ready to have the tools to elevate your intuition, abundance, and alignment to purpose.

Don’t wait until your signs, green lights, and red flags from your Spirit Helpers become harder to understand...invest in yourself to create space for the spiritual growth, tools, and intuitive techniques that are waiting to be seen by you!



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