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If you have a strong desire to unlock your intuition & communicate with Spirit, then SURELY you’ve at least wondered:

If you were Intuitive...

How to understand the “feelings” you get, or the “thoughts” that pop into your head…

If your Spirit Guides have a messages for you, or

What it would be like to talk to your Loved One in Spirit one more time.

Or, if you’ve already started searching, perhaps you’ve already identified the lack of step by step instruction available for Intuition and/or

  Not wanting to waste time or money on “fluffy” strategies. You might even be afraid that if you invest your time and money, you won’t get any results.

  Know that you’ve had some Intuitive moments before, but have always second guessed them.

  Are afraid of actually getting results...somewhere inside of you, there is a little part of your freaking out at the thought of ACTUALLY SEEING, HEARING, OR FEELING SPIRIT.

  Doubt yourself and think you might not be Intuitive at all.

  Feel stuck, tired, and confused about Intuition and feel it is something way out of your reach.

  Afraid to be more sensitive - you need a way to control your already existing sensitivity/abilities.

Yet despite all of this, the thought of ACTUALLY being able to communicate with Spirit Guides, your Loved Ones in Spirit, and developing your Intuition has never slipped too far out of your mind, because deep down in your heart, you KNOW that you have a unique way of receiving Spirit’s signs. You KNOW deep down, that you ARE Intuitive, and you are ready to shine!

If you are ready to walk your path, but wish you had clear “signs,” or are wanting to learn more about yourself and what you are meant to do….
THAT is what I’m going to help you accomplish today.
So even if you think that you’re a bit behind...
🡪   or you’ve let fear hold you back…
🡪   you’ve felt guilt at investing in yourself and putting yourself first,
🡪   maybe you feel too new to this and aren’t sure if you should begin your journey...
🡪   maybe you’ve run from your Spirit helpers before, and are wondering if they will even show back up in your life.


  • Receive Intuitive messages on a DAILY BASIS.
  • Be able to clear your Mind in a second (Nope, you don’t have to meditate all day!)
  • Expand, learn, and understand your unique Intuitive language style.
  • Increase your awareness of your Loved Ones in Spirit.
  • Feel more aligned, connected, and directed on your path.
  • Be surrounded by love and support from Spirit, and from a real world, like minded community.
  • Clear & protect your energy, while at the same time opening and expanding your Intuition.

Well, look at you listening to your Intuition...

Why you may not have fully connected to your Intuition

until now was likely a divinely timed decision...

Okay…I realize that everyone has a different reason or situation. You may have tried techniques, or maybe this is totally new for you.

It’s true that anyone can connect to their Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit, through their Intuition, and that some people have a harder time connecting than others.

And you may have had success with previous classes, instructions, meditations, and techniques and may already have had several conversations with your Spirit helpers.

But here's the thing...

Contrary to what you may have heard, most people who attempt to connect to their Intuition NEVER even understand how it works, NEVER know if it is safe, and NEVER really know if it’s working/effective.

In fact, I was one of those people. It totally happened to me.

And the funny thing is - the techniques I used actually WORKED, but it scared the heck out of me…. So I RAN far away from all this “Spirit” stuff, shut the door, and pretended it didn’t exist.

One tiny mistake...

But one tiny mistake on my end (that nobody warned me about,) I never cared to learn the truth. I just wanted to try it. I failed to get answers on HOW it worked, IF this was safe, WHO I was receiving information from, and what were my next steps AFTER I got results.

And I know that my own epic fail may sound.. silly

But if you’ve ever attempted to connect to Spirit on your own (or have let fear seep into your mind from listening to made-up stories from others, or too many spooky movies), then you’ll know that my story isn’t too far off base.


Here’s how most Intuitive experiences go down…

First, you are super excited, yet nervous to connect to your Intuition.

Or…maybe your experience is totally unexpected because you weren’t even trying.

Maybe you are trying to connect through meditation, on your own, or in a group class.

In a group class, you worry if it is okay to open up, if you can even really do it, if you or the people in the class are weird, and what if someone else connects more clearly than you? Will you freeze in fear? You know that is your Ego talking, but you can't help but wonder.

If you are connecting by yourself, you wonder what happens if you actually DO connect? Will you be there in your room, by yourself, and a Spirit just walks in and says, “Hello, you.” Will you just be sleeping in your bed, and all of the sudden the room is filled with Spirit peeps, saying “Hey, you recently developed your Intuition, wanna chat? It’s 3am.”

If you are totally not expecting it, you may wonder, “ What in the name of (fill in the blank) did I just see? What just happened? “It’s all in my head…I’ll feel better once I get some rest.”

Sound familiar? (I’m keeping it real, here.)

Next, it’s time to really DO the exercises.

You say, “ I can do this!”

In a group class, you may have to clear your Mind a thousand times, get distracted by other people talking or the smell of the incense and background music, all the while secretly being so anxious, nervous, and worried about epicly failing or making something up in your mind.

If you are connecting by yourself, you might decide that the lights are too bright, that the music is too loud, that you forgot to do your loads of laundry and oh my gosh, you now realize that you are thinking too much, and make up a zillion reasons why the time is just “not right today” to connect...

If you are totally not expecting it,  you are probably not even aware of any exercises to do.. Honestly, you are probably already so connected to Spirit, but you are totally unaware that you’ve actually been doing “Intuitive exercises” every day.

Then the actual communication happens...

In a group class, you get several “hits” about a Loved One that passed. If in a partner exercise, your partner validates everything you said!

If you are connecting by yourself, you get that Intuitive message, but realize you thought it would come in differently. It wasn’t clear as day.

If you are totally not expecting it, the Intuitive moment might knock your socks off… you are wowed, in shock, and eyes wide and big,

No matter which of these scenarios you are in, after the actual moment of Intuitive communication, most of the time you will second guess yourself, think you’ve made it up, and discredit yourself (and Spirit.)

Yes, even if you are in class and got everything validated. I’ve seen students go off into their normal routine and wonder if their Intuition partner was just helping them along. That their partner wanted so badly to see the results that they read into everything that was said.

Maybe, just maybe there is a next time...

You try the exercises again, and this time it might not be as clear. Probably because you are trying too hard and expect it a certain way.

But you think you got results before, why aren’t they working now?

You got part of a message, a symbol, saw a vision, but you don’t know what it means!

Onto a new method, CD, DVD, class, book, or teacher.

You think to yourself, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

“Maybe I will never meet others who are like me to help me along.”

“Maybe I’m doing something wrong.”

“Maybe I am making all this up.”

Doubt sets in. “I can’t do this. Maybe this isn’t the right time for me.”

“I have enough on my plate. I don’t have time for this right now.”

You give yourself a million excuses of why this isn’t working, mostly blaming yourself.

You give up.

Close the door.


You pretend that connecting to your Intuition was a just a phase, or not really that important, or that it’s all made up.

You pat yourself on the back for being logical and sticking to real world scenarios, and tell yourself you will fit in better anyway not believing in this stuff.

Yet despite all these stories, you STILL hang on to the idea of “someday” being Intuitive.

Because despite EVERYTHING that has happened...

There is still NOTHING better than trusting your Intuition. It is the best tool that you have for direction in life. You know, those gut feelings?



  You feel more connected and confident on your life path.

  Choices and decisions are easier because you aren't overanalyzing every single thing anymore.

  Synchronicities just start occurring. Things you've been thinking of just seem to be placed in front of you.

  New connections just start flowing in. New acquaintances and friends are "randomly" made.

  You begin to realize that you aren't alone in this world. Others actually DO think like you and they are "normal." Intuition becomes a normal topic.

  Talking to Spirit and Loved Ones who have passed is just a normal, every day occurrence.

In short, it’s a LIFE changer.

And when I FINALLY got past my initial fears and learned how to do things the right way - my life changed.

It started with a visit from my Grandfather in spirit.

And then with more education, I started to receive future messages about myself and others. I was able to feel good about decisions I was making in life, and felt more clearly directed on my path...I totally changed my life, to a happier life.

…and then finally, I took it toward Mediumship, and was able to deliver evidential messages to others.. And help thousands of people.

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to to go all in on Mediumship and do it professionally.

But what would it mean to you if the next time you connected to your Intuition, you received insight and answers for your next steps in life?

Well that’s a very realistic goal I want you to realize right now.

Yes! It’s here.

Because I KNOW that as long as you have a strong desire to connect to your Intuition & Spirit, the ONLY thing standing in the way of you receiving strong, clear communication about your life direction, day to day experiences, and Loved One’s messages, is the right strategy and step-by-step guidance to nail it with confidence.

Because with the right strategy, step-by-step training, and easy to implement techniques, you'll be able to:

Feel peace by easily connecting with Spirit (Guides & Loved Ones passed), listen to your Intuition, while not buying into the horror stories in the movies. (Which are fake by the way!)

Never waste precious family time spending hours meditating, or trying to “figure it all out.”

Recognize the difference between an Intuitive message and your own imagination.

Have daily guidance from your Spirit guides, be connected to your own Spirit & Intuition, and know that you are constantly directed. Spirit has your back!

Retain your energy by preventing energetic drain from others or electronics.

And most importantly…

Be assured that NO effort is wasted. That every bit of energy you put into increasing your connection with your Intuition, only adds to your results, and rapport with your Spirit Guides.


That’s what kept MY passion for Intuition stoked - even after my first epic failure that left me scared, tired, drained, and WAYYYY off my path.

 And it’s this gap between the sad story and happy ending that I want to help you confidently overcome in the next coming weeks.

But you might be wondering, who am I to lead you on this journey?

"When I started, I felt that I didn’t have an intuitive bone in my body, but was soon pleasantly surprised. By the end of my training, I was able to deliver the most powerful message to one of my friends. One night I woke up and saw very clearly the words, “Comfort Allen, Uncle Markus”. I couldn’t wait until morning to talk to my friend. As it turns out, Allen had been very distraught over his uncle’s passing. He could not thank me enough for calling, which greatly helped with his grief. Whitney’s teaching style is easy to understand and to follow. You will move quickly from start to finish, but you MUST be willing to stay with it daily and follow her instructions to have success. If you do, you will be more than pleasantly surprised at your results!"

June Booth
Author of “Left Behind to Pick Up the Remote,” Life Coach @inspirationwithJune


I found other Intuitive professionals would just naturally come to me for advice, but in the beginning...

You see as a kid, I was Intuitive but didn’t know what that was. I thought seeing colors, faces, and feeling other people’s energy and knowing things is what other people experienced too. When someone would whisper my name as I woke up, I thought I had been dreaming.

Long story short, one day while I as in college I saw a lady at the edge of my bed, and it totally freaked me out and I ran very far, far away from my Spiritual guides and my path.

I got off course, felt drained, and life didn’t really have any meaning. As I got many different diagnoses like fibromyaglia and chronic fatigue, I started to seek out answers and wondered if there was more to life than just this. What was really going on, was I was ready to get back on my path, but I had no idea what my path was.

I had a seemingly miraculous healing through energywork, and became connected again to myself and to Spirit.  I sought out every kind of teaching and learning I could to soak in and understand more about this Intuitive stuff...


So when I finally found a mentor to help me, all of that changed. I learned how to connect to my Intuition and I took it even further. I went from “Whitney who tried to fit in", to “Whitney the Medium” in a few months. Yes, I was afraid to step out of the “Medium closet,” but I knew it was part of my path and I needed to help others.

I was nervous and scared, but when I gave my first readings to the public at a psychic fair, I ended up having a line out the door waiting on me.


Maybe there was really something to this stuff.

I got noticed and got attention. How could this regular ol' woman who was seeking answers a couple months ago, now be a professional Medium? Everyone wanted to see if it was real. And they did.

I started my own part time business, that went full time in a year, and I started getting requests from people, including others who have been at this way longer than I had, to teach them how this works.

It felt a little odd at first, but I had such a strong desire to give others a “roadmap” to Intuitive success, that I said yes.

Boy, was I super nervous to teach my first class.

So I held off for awhile.

I wanted to make sure I had my act together, as I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Stop procrastinating and just DO it...

That’s what my mentor said. I trusted him fully, along with my Guides. However, I wanted to make sure I gave my students action steps and exercises and want to plan those out.

Because without step by step instruction, it leaves you with:

➤   Just more mystery of Intuition

   Confused looks around the room,

   More questions created than how you started;

   Uninterested students.

And that’s why, I waited until I felt ready. Classes were successful and students got amazing results. As more interested students from different cities, states, and countries asked, “When are you going to do something online?”

I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think it would be the same. That’s why I’ve held off so long to create an online Intuition course. I knew my students wanted it, but I had to make sure they would get the same connection.

So I spent a year as a student in other programs of various topics, mostly geared to entrepreneur type things.

I took special notice of what makes a course absolutely special, and where a student can still connect with their instructor. I think I’ve found the magic recipe.

And today, I’m proud to say…the wait for your Intuitive training  is OVER :)

But before I introduce you to it, it’s important we do some important unlearning and prepare the foundation of your success.

4 Tricky Myths That Keep You From Developing Your Intuition

Click on MYTH below to get the answers

This has been a prevailing myth floating around for years. The myth is that you have to be special or have a certain gift. It is true that each person’s Intuitive connection is unique, but that does NOT mean one is better than the other.

EVERYONE has the ability to be Intuitive. You only have to have a desire and willingness to want to connect, learn more, and be willing to do the exercises.

It is true that some of us are born more sensitive than others, BUT if you don’t have pre-existing sensitivity, you can totally develop it. I’m not kidding around here. You just have to be sincere in your efforts to do so.

Students come to me as absolute beginners and as advanced students of metaphysics. Some students are mediums who have their own practice. They all have one thing in common: they want an efficient and effective way to connect to Spirit.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know squat about metaphysical things, or you have been talking to Spirit for years. Those who are beginners want to unlock their abilities, and those who are advanced want to refine and connect in a more efficient way.

This method works for anyone, at any level. They just need to:

1) feel a YES that they are ready to take this course and

2) Be willing to learn a totally new way to connect with Spirit.

You do NOT have to be a Medium, a healer, a counselor, massage therapist, life coach, or yogi to take my class. I do attract a lot of students in the healing arts, but I also have CEOS, sales managers, accountants, entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, producers, western medical doctors, veterinarians, politicians, psychotherapists, writers, project managers, and others in my courses.

Oh my goodness. If I could dispel this myth forever, I totally would! We attract things of the same kind, because of law of attraction. So the more we focus on fear, it is true we can attract things to be fearful of...


BUT… the with method I teach, you really don’t have to worry about that. The techniques and steps I share, are safe and effective at getting you results, without the worry or fear about “bad” things.

This myth stems from horror stories and certain strict religions. Guys & gals, everyone has the ability to connect to Spirit. It is a natural, innate ability. In my program, you are surrounded by your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit that only want the best for you. You get to decide who you want to chat with. More about this, in the program.

And more importantly…are you ready to learn how to sidestep the made-up fears and myths, and instead learn and implement the COMPLETE step-by-step system that I’ve personally used to connect students with their Intuition and the energy and Spirits around them?

An Intuition success system that makes you look like you’ve been doing this for years even if:

   The idea of actually seeing, hearing, or feeling Spirit still sends your heart a racing.

  You’re still working on being the best version of yourself. (We all are!)

➤   Your confidence pulls a disappearing act whenever you try to connect to Spirit.

➤   Your Mind snaps shut right at the moment you think you are receiving an Intuitive message.

   And you aren’t sure if this can even really happen to you.


The complete, predictable A-Z step by step method for connecting you safely & effectively every day to your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit, while unlocking and controlling your Intuitive abilities.


The result is 5 CORE MODULES and extra handy cheat sheets, meditations, and downloads that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve your real Intuitive conversation with your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit.


…and have made it digital so that anyone, anywhere can connect with me.

How your Intuition Changes Everything

While it’s true that some students have received spontaneous Intuitive moments on their own, and others have achieved results after years of study...

The goal here is to get you connected to your Intuition in a fast, effective, and safe manner that you understand.


Because you shouldn’t have to spend years trying to get results or going everywhere to try to find the answers. The truth is that new Intuitive doors can open up VERY fast.

You have the techniques…you have the desire…and you finally have confidence that you actually do have the Intuitive abilities that can take you as far as you want to go.



   Treats Intuition as a normal, everyday, occurrence. You don’t have to be guru status or go on a week long fast meditating on a mountain somewhere to achieve results.

➤   Is a complete system that incorporates everything you need to understand about the whos, whats, whys, and hows of Intuition. It actually gives you answers to WHY and HOW Intuition works.

   Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about Intuition, to being able to connect to Spirit quickly.

   Holds your hand through the times you might get stuck and teaches step by step.


Lesson 01: Intuition & Spirit Guides

You’ll understand the difference between Intuition, Psychic, and Mediumship. We’ll demystify who you are actually talking to in Spirit, and what the difference is between Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit, and Angels.


Lesson 02: Spirit Guide Roles

All about Spirit Guides: This lesson is all things Spirit Guides. You will uncover: who they are, what they do, what roles they have, how many you have, and how you get them. There are different types of Guides, and you will start to learn HOW to communicate with them.


Lesson 01 : Your Energetic make-up

You’ll will learn all about YOUR Energy system, including the layers and different layers (Aura & Mind), as well as other components. We use certain chakras for Intuition! We’ll talk about WHY the Mind is outside the body and what “your vibration” really means and entails.


Lesson 02: Barriers to Receiving Messages

All about Spirit Guides: Here’s the deeper work. You will identify if you have any barriers blocking you from receiving Intuitive messages. The great thing, is that you will learn techniques to remove them. In this lesson, we also discover Astral travel and the different types


Lesson 01 : Communicating with Spirit

Prepare to receive Spirit messages! Incoming…. What’s does that mean? We cover that with step by step instruction, a “cheat sheet” for you to download, and establish clear boundaries.  If you aren’t familiar with affirmations, you will learn about them here! It comes with an affirmation creation sheet, too.


Lesson 02: Clearing the Mind

Finally, a quick way to clear your mind without spending hours meditating. This lesson covers different methods, IN DETAIL, to clear the mind depending on your Intuitive type.


There are so many different ways to experience Spirit communication through our Intuition. I detail out how each Intuitive type receives Spirit messages and delve into the strengths, hangups, and ways to balance. Lesson 5 talks about some Intuitive languages not widely known. You can have one, all, or a mixture of these abilities.

Lesson 01 : The Seer - Clairvoyance

Lesson 02: The Owl - Clairaudience

Lesson 03: The Empath - Clairsentience

Lesson 04: The Channeler - Claircognizance

Lesson 05: The Icing - Clairalience & Clairgustance


Putting your lessons into action! Experience Spirit communication through our Intuition. These are real world, easy to implement exercises in your day to day life. Module 5 is split into two weeks.

Lesson 01 : Let your Intuition Flow!

It’s time to put it all together! You learn how it looks and feels to talk with Spirit. You might not quite understand all the meanings of what Spirit says yet, but that’s ok. Don’t worry about it. You will be talking to Spirit in the flow!

Lesson 02: Find Meaning in the Flow

Here is where you start understanding the meaning in what Spirit shares with you. I cover how to find the meaning in the symbols, feelings, sounds, and knowings you get.

Lesson 03: Coaching you through the Conversation

It is helpful to watch me coach someone through their Intuitive conversation with Spirit. It’s a great perspective of how the process works.

Lesson 04: Spirit Circle (Night time Exercise)

This exercise helps you establish a better relationship with your Spirit Guides.

The main goal of this exercise is to increase Intuitive sensitivity in your Etheric body.

If you would like to develop any of the Intuitive languages, this is the place to do it!

Lesson 05: Oracle Cards

Sometimes it is nice to have a physical, tangible representation of what Spirit is communicating to you. You can connect your Intuition to any type of oracle cards you would like to use.

Lesson 06: Boundary Check

Find out where your energy begins & ends. Are you letting someone else have too much space in your energy? Time to clear that up!

Lesson 07: Aura Bubble

Feeling drained and tired? It might be your lack of energetic protection. Givers tend to just allow any ol’ person into their energy.  Push out your energy so only the good vibes come in!

Lesson 08: Energy Cleansing

We shower and clean our houses on a regular basis, so why not our energy? Most of the time we are never taught how to. Learn several techniques to clear your energy, Mind, and aura.

Lesson 09: Validation of your Intuition - Partner Exercise

Okay okay, this is TECHNICALLY a Mediumship exercise, BUT I think it is important for you to get some validation with a partner. You don’t have to do this exercise, but I highly encourage it!


Lesson 10: Seeing Auras

This is a big one. Almost every student I come into contact has a desire to be able to see energy. Watch the video to see the technique I use, and apply it with a partner at home!

Lesson 11: Your Body & Intuition

Do you know what a pendulum is? You can use your body as one. Bodies are made of energy, and can work with your Intuition in regards to “yes” and “no” questions.

Lesson 12: Automatic & Inspirational Writing

These are two big topics chunked down into simple instructions. Spirit communicates with us through automatic writing. Some of the most beautiful poems are created through inspirational writing. Grab a pencil & paper, and get ready to write!

And to make sure you REALLY do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you'll get lifetime access to the 4 Intuitive Languages.

bonus block

Live Video Sessions with Whitney

(Value $997)

I’ve been a student in online classes before, and hands down the MOST VALUABLE part of the class, outside of the actual curriculum you learn, is being able to interact with your instructor. I never want my students to buy a course from me, and I say, “BYE, see ya later.”

Ew. That doesn’t feel right. Who wants that type of course?

I offer live video Q&A sessions to help you get unstuck. They are regularly scheduled in our exclusive Facebook group for the course.

   I will be going LIVE in the FB group regularly.

   You can sign up to be notified when I go live.

   There will be a post the day before to collect everyone’s questions.

   If you can’t be there live, no worries. Ask your question in advance, and the videos are recorded. You can watch it later in the FB group.

bonus block

Private Facebook Group

(Value $497)

The #1 complaint I hear over and over again from students is they don’t have anyone to talk to about this Spirit stuff.

Well, here ya go. I’ve created a community for you, so you don’t feel so alone out there. In the group, there will be people of all different ages, backgrounds, and experience. Some may have finished the course, while others may just be beginning.

This is a member’s run group, so ask a question, and someone will most likely respond. I will be popping into the group too to answer questions. If you want your question answered, make sure you ask it when we post the day before the LIVE Video Q&A to list it.


bonus block

Chakra Course

(Value $150)

If you have no idea what a chakra is, I’ve got you covered. If you know all about chakras, I still recommend to watch this bonus. In this video lesson, I talk each of the major 7 chakras, plus additional chakras not widely known.

I give you a list of the colors, crystals, and essential oils to balance your chakras in an easy to reference “Cheat Sheet.” Get easy to follow links to the oils I recommend for each chakra.

You also get a Chakra Info Sheet that gives detailed info about each Chakra and what an imbalance can look like and which parts of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies they govern.

bonus block


(Value $50)

These meditations are designed for this course.

You’ve got a:

   White Light Meditation to help cleanse, strengthen, and amplify your energy. Great to be used everyday or when you feel drained, tired, or like someone else’s bad juju got stuck on your.

   Meeting your Spirit Guides Meditation is recommended to listen to right after Module 1. This is a great way to get to know your Guides!

   Ready to balance the Intuitive Centers? The 3rd Eye & Solar Plexus chakra meditation help to clear out any funkiness, and restore them to balance. You gotta keep these clear in Intuition.

   The highly sought after - Becoming Lighter & Removing Stagnation (Getting rid of Fear, Ego, Anger and Guilt) Meditation is included as a bonus. Sometimes we make barriers for ourselves. This meditation helps get rid of those and feel lighter!

"I always knew I was intuitive, picked up on people's feelings and just knew things sometimes but I never understood it or knew how to honor intuition's role in my life. Once I started taking your course, I began to understand my intuitive gifts more and how to start to develop them so that I was fully utilizing what I now consider one of my gifts from God. It has been amazing to have you to guide me on my path. Your guidance keep me learning, and growing in positive direction. Whenever I had questions, I could always rely on you for support and that meant the world to me. Where I am now: I have my own business "Wise Elephant Wellness" that seeks to help people find optimal wellness by connecting their mind, body and spirit. I do intuitive readings with clients during which I connect with spirit guides and departed loved ones to share messages. I also teach Hypnobirthing and Hypnomothering classes to expectant and new parents, encouraging them to connect with and honor their ow intuition as they begin their parenting journey. I am on my own journey to enlightenment and understanding and I am so grateful to be on this never-ending, always exciting path! "

Karen Hornfeck
Owner of Wise Elephant Wellness

It Doesn't Matter Who You Are Or What Your Occupation Is, You Can Do This!

🢂   You didn’t have to mix and match different techniques from different books, meditations, and instructors to get amazing results in communicating with Spirit through your Intuition?

🢂   You could eliminate the fear or mystery of who you are talking with in Spirit, and trust in the process?

🢂   You could stop “thinking” about your Intuition and actually move into “connecting” to your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit?

🢂   Your questions were answered and you were able to communicate with Spirit every day, feeling more guided, directed, and aligned on your path?



To get on your Intuitive path and start understanding, connecting, and trusting your Intuition.
The 4 Intuitive Languages techniques and lessons are the most popular of my students and get the best, fastest, and most effective results.

What They Say

Before starting Whitney's Intuitive development program, I had no idea what it all meant. After the program, I was able to give detailed Spirit messages to others like receiving messages about their upcoming pregnancy, specific herbs growing in their garden, a scar they had on their forearm, and their Loved Ones in Spirit. Totally unexpected.

- Beth-Anne


When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:


Instant Access to the Closed-Door 4 Intuitive Languages Facebook Group where you’ll gain unlimited insight, inspiration and feedback on your experiences from a friendly and approachable group of like minded Intuition seekers. Value - $497


Regular Live Q&A Group Video sessions with Whitney inside the 4 Intuitive Languages Facebook Group. This is your chance to get your questions answered by Whitney. You can ask your questions in advance - no worries if you can’t attend! The videos are recorded inside of the group. Value - $997


Chakras Mini Course with downloadable Chakra Info Sheet & Cheat Sheet. Value - $150


4 Meditations to take your energy to the next level! White Light Meditation, Removing Heavy Energy, Clearing the 3rd eye & Solar Plexus, and Meeting Your Spirit Guides. Value - $50

The Full 4 Intuitive Languages Program: Modules with downloadable pdf slides, checklists, and audio unlocked week after week (over 6 weeks.). Value - $1,500

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $3,291!



Since the goal of this course is for you to effectively and confidently connect to your Intuition & Spirit Helpers, every moment spent on the sidelines is another moment spent...

   Wondering if you really have what it takes to connect to Spirit & Intuition.

   Waiting to see if it will happen on its own, but being scared of how it might occur.

   Not putting yourself first, and therefore not putting your Guides or Loved Ones in Spirit first either.

I am your coach. I can give you a little tough love from time to time.

After the first couple lessons some of my students get in self-doubt mode or let their fear or Ego take control.

I don’t want you to run away from your abilities like I did.

You also need to put time and dedication into the course, and make sure you are doing the homework and going through each lesson.

I’m looking for those ready and willing to take the plunge with me, to work through whatever stuff comes up as they clear out their energy and become lighter to receive... so they can get results.

So, I do have a strict refund policy, and I’m not trying to hide it.

If, after 24 Hours of purchasing  the 4 Intuitive Languages you feel like “oops, I shouldn’t have done that,” then you can get a full refund, as long as you didn’t download any of the material.

I hold you accountable. You’ve gotta do the work. You can see more at:


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Yes anyone can connect to Spirit, and nope, there is no special ability or super power to do so. All you need is:

1) A desire to connect to Spirit

2) Willingness to leave your Ego at the door and

3) Do the exercises consistently.


Some people may find it easier or more natural to connect with others, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

No. I teach a safe, effective system where you don’t need to focus on the fear. Developing your Intuition will make you more aware of what is already around you, but your Spirit Guides will make sure to clear anything that was funky, out of the mix.

Give yourself 6-8 weeks, but students often report results earlier. You have to show up and do the exercises!

Whitney will be showing up live through the exclusive, closed door private FB group for the 4 Intuitive Languages. She will also be popping in from time to answer questions. No student will be getting one on one time with her, but each student has a chance to ask questions and Whitney will answer them on the calls. Whitney is not able to answer questions by email or phone.

You don’t have to join the FB group, but you are encouraged to do so if you want to connect to a like minded community or get your questions personally answered by Whitney. The FB group is private. No one but the people enrolled in the course will be able to see what you share or post. You can make a profile just to be in the group, if you don’t already have an active FB account.

We recommend to put at least 1-2 hours per week on watching the lessons and another 1-2 hours per week implementing the exercises. The exercises take just minutes to do. It's up to you how long you want to commit to the course. If you have 5 minutes, do 5 minutes!

Not at all! You will be learning everything you need to know in the course.

This course focuses on Intuition, which is just communicating with Spirit for your own benefit. Intuition is a firm foundation of mediumship, and some students will naturally be guided to give messages to others. Mediumship is a very complex topic, and is in fact, another course.

Within 24 hours after purchase, if you feel you made a mistake in enrolling,email [email protected] before 24 hours of your purchase date & time, to receive a full refund. You may not download any of the material. If material has been downloaded (meditations, slides, audio, etc..) a refund will not be granted. Refund requests received after 24 hours of purchase date will not be granted. VIP upgrades for mentorship sessions are non-refundable.


Ugh, I couldn’t stand when someone would say that to me.

When I tried asking a zillion questions about Intuition to different people in the profession, they would say, “Well if you are Intuitive, why can’t you just tune in?”

I thought I was Intuitive. I had so many different “weird” things happen that  I couldn’t explain.

It took me forever to find someone to help me understand what in the heck was going on. I wish I would’ve had a roadmap or a play by play on how to do this.

“Was I doing it right?” “Ooh, I got something! Well, I think I got something. What does this really mean?”

I would say those things on a regular basis.

To make sure you don’t go down the rabbit hole I went through, you can get a COMPLETE Intuitive development & Spirit communication program that gets you to where you need to be - not just a single piece of the puzzle that leaves you lost and frustrated.

There really is no other system that I’ve seen out there that is as comprehensive, but to each his own. Everyone learns differently and will be drawn to the right instructor at the right time. I’m a firm believer in that.

You get results quickly. But as you get results, I don’t want you to get ahead of yourself. Alot can happen from here to there.

So I’ve set up the course in such a way, to help you avoid any pitfalls or wrong directions. Each Module and lesson are like little signposts pointing the way to the next step.

After my epic fail, I wanted to ensure my students would feel supported, confident, and clear on their next actions steps to understanding their abilities.

Looking back, after vividly seeing how connecting to my Intuition was single handedly responsible for drastically and positively changing my life, and helped me start a full time business where I've connected thousands of clients to their own Spirits and Intuition, met the love of my life, and moved across the country to the place of my dreams, … I want to do everything I can to make sure you don’t turn your back on such a powerful program…and more importantly, give you the confidence to trust yourself. Everyone’s journey is different, but I can see how powerful it was for me.


And now I’m excited to give you access to the training that I know without a doubt will expand your abilities, fuel your spiritual growth, and take your Intuition to the next level.  

You already KNOW (and HAVE known) that you are Intuitive, but maybe you’ve stuffed it in a closet somewhere or put it on the back burner.  But NOW is the time to get it back into the forefront, honor yourself, and take action, and with a complete course leading you every step of the way, there really hasn’t been a better time to give it a shot.

Get started RIGHT NOW by choosing the plan that works best for you.

How do I know if the 4 Intuitive Languages is right for me?

If you can put a positive, green “check mark” next to any of  the points below, then I’d say you’re perfectly qualified to jump into the 4 Intuitive Languages Course and get the most out of it:

  • ✅   You know nothing about Intuition, aren’t sure if you are Intuitive, but have a deep desire to connect to Spirit
  • ✅   You already know you are Intuitive and have a hard time controlling your abilities. Maybe you don’t call it Intuition, but you are super sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings and need to harness it.
  • ✅  You’ve tried it all, have gotten some results, but are looking to refine your skills and become more effective and efficient in getting your results.
  • ✅   You’re ready to discover more about you! You are ready to claim your authentic self, and discover more about what you are here to do in this life and walk your Spiritual Path.
  • ✅   You’ve had a big life change, and have a desire to know more about how all of this stuff works.
  • ✅   You really want to connect with a Loved One in Spirit and are willing to talk with your other Spirit helpers, too.
  • ✅   You are ready to do what it takes to get the results you want. You are committed to doing the exercises on a regular basis. If you can’t start until a month from now, that’s fine. But you know when you start, you are going on an Intuitive journey and no looking back!
  • ✅   You really want to learn how to clear your mind. You feel yourself thinking thinking thinking.. And get stuck in the hamster wheel of thought.

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