5 Key Steps To Clearly Communicate With Your Spirit Guides And Confidently Receive Their Messages.

While Avoiding The 5 Most Common & Biggest Mistakes That Block Your Intuition without the self-doubt, confusion, overwhelm, or "What-do-I-do-next?" moments.



In This LIVE Virtual Masterclass



The 5 "C's" of Spirit Guide Communication

to learn how to receive the messages your Spirit Guides share. Here's a secret: They are NOT the clairs.


Two Proven, Effective Strategies to Stop Self-doubt

so that you can learn to trust the messages you receive.


The Single, MOST Important Step in Intuition

and why you MUST know this right out of the gate to clearly receive accurate messages from your Guides.


The 5 Biggest & Most Common Mistakes

that block you from receiving Intuitive messages and how to avoid them.

Whether you've been struggling to receive your Intuitive messages, or you are just getting started on your Spiritual path, NOW is the time to commit to making your Spirit Guides & Intuition a priority.

Connecting to your Spirit Guides & receiving Intuitive messages means:

There’s no more second-guessing the next steps in life because you are guided on the right path, to the right people and situations, by your Spirit support team, and protected along the way.

It also means you align with your Life purpose. The world needs your light more than ever and it's time for you to shine.

This Masterclass is a MUST attend if:

  • You’re excited about tapping into your Intuition to receive messages from your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones in Spirit.
  • You are super sensitive and need some help honing & managing your abilities to protect you from energy drain. You don't want to be "on" all the time, but you DO want to receive messages on your own time.
  • You've tried some different techniques, but haven't really made your Intuition or your Spirit Guides a priority.
  • You are ready to align with your Life purpose and want to receive guidance from your Guides about how to do just that!


A Personal Invitation From Whitney...

I've been interested in all things Spirit since I was a little girl. However, that didn't mean I knew what to do with my abilities. I ran from them, plain and simple. I actually shut them off for years. Shutting out your Spirit Guides is like driving a car with a blindfold on. There's no one to navigate for you.

When I connected to my Intuitive side again, I found my Life purpose & stopped the energy drain from Nay-Sayers and Negative Nellies

Trusting my Guides 100%, I :

  • Moved to Sedona, the place of my dreams.
  • Found my spiritual partner & husband, Chris.
  • Took BIG steps with investments, new directions, & opportunities in alignment with my path by following my Spirit Team's guidance, all without the self-doubt.
  • Started my own 6 figure business and quit the draining "day job.

Some amazing things have happened since alignment: I'm a Certified Medium, have been a guest Medium in Lily Dale, NY, writer in OM Times, guest Medium for the Illuminate Film Festival, started a Spiritualist organization, and have helped over 10,000 students/clients connect to Spirit. 

That's my path. What will yours be?

Heads up.. you don't have to be a Medium to connect to the Spirit Guides around you. Anyone can!

I've seen amazing changes with the thousands of students I've been able to help, from receiving crystal clear messages for themselves and their family, to taking big steps like starting their own businesses. All of this... by connecting them to their Intuition & Spirit Guide Team. 

So if you're committed to taking the steps you need to make a difference, I'm excited to get you on the fast track.

Choose the time that works best for you: