How To Step Into Your 
Gifts, Purpose & Abundance!

If you're an ambitious soul who wants to remove abundance blocks, claim your spiritual gifts, and align to your life purpose, then

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During this class,




What Abundance Blocks Are Holding You Back From Fully Stepping Into Your Purpose

What old beliefs are you still holding onto? What's been hiding in your "thought closet" that's preventing you from moving forward on your path and finally claiming your spiritual abilities?


What Spiritual Gifts Have Been
Waiting To Be Unlocked

Learn the different ways your gifts are speaking to you. The more you open your intuition, the more direction you will have towards purpose and abundance.


What Your Life Purpose Really Means and IS.

Erase the confusion of what living your life purpose means so you can get clear in your direction.


3 Ingredients Needed To Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts and
Live Your Life in Abundance & Purpose

It's time to align these 3 main ingredients so that you can live your life in purpose and abundance while embracing why you chose to incarnate.



This Class IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You are finally ready to embrace your intuitive gifts and are excited about tapping into your Intuition to receive messages from your Spirit Guides so that you can make aligned decisions towards your purpose!
  • You are tired of letting blocks hold you back from putting yourself out there in claiming your purpose & intuitive gifts.
  • You would LOVE to live your life purpose through your business and receive abundance for doing what you LOVE!
  • You are ready to connect with yourself, with your innate abilities, and Spirit and perhaps be a bit vulnerable!
  • You want to show up LIVE, but if you can't, you will watch the replay ASAP. Training will be recorded but only available for a short period of time.



This Class is NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You aren't serious about living your purpose and won't take any action towards living it because you rather play it "safe".
  • You are uncomfortable with “woo woo” types of things. I will be talking about Spirit Guides, Intuition, etc.
  • You aren't interested in hearing me talk about how to work with me through Intuition Abundance Academy that only opens in a blue moon.
  • You are offended if a four letter word flies out of my mouth during our sessions. I'm real, authentic, and showing up completely as myself.



A Personal Invitation from Whitney

For years, I shut out my Spirit Guides, which is like driving a car with a blindfold on:



When I started listening to my Intuition and trusting the guidance of my Spirit Guides I:

  • Quit my job and started my own spiritual business to live my purpose and grew it to 6 figures. (Even when other people didn't believe I could do it.)
  • I moved to Sedona, the place of my dreams and bought my dream house. (Even when it felt super uncomfortable to get to the next level.)
  • Found my spiritual partner & husband, Chris. (When I wasn't looking for anyone.)


So if you're committed to taking the steps you need

to fast track your intuition to live a life of purpose &  abundance,

let's do this together!